Closing Meeting

The Bishops adjourned without a public report on the Way Forward.  Bishop Ough stated that they want the whole church to receive the report at the same time, which seems reasonable.  They finished up with  administrative reports.  Bishop Ough received a standing ovation from the entire Council for his leadership through the Way Forward process.

 They closed by inviting all the guests to join the Bishops at the tables for closing worship and communion.  We closed by singing One Bread, One Body.

There was a brief press conference that lasted 15 minutes.  I will post that video as soon as I figure it out…  Pray for me.  They said very little…hard to hold a press conference about a document you have not yet released.

They promise a press release this afternoon…though the time is not clear.  As soon as I get it, I will post it.  You might watch the United Methodist News Service as well.


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