Open Plenary Meeting

I attended the open plenary meeting this afternoon of the Council of Bishops.  They covered lots of reports, some with videos.  They talked a lot about the work of the church around the world.  They cast ballots to see which Bishop will give the Episcopal Address at General Conference 2020…who works on a sermon for 2 years?  I mean besides Adam?  They celebrated the 50th anniversary of the denomination, sang “Happy Birthday to Us,” and ate birthday cupcakes, half chocolate, half vanilla.

Interesting tell-tale:  Bishop Bickerton, New York Annual Conference gave a report on the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and said we are committing over $46 million to relief around the world.  Then he said, “This is the best reason I know to remain as one church!”  And all the Bishops broke into applause.  Hmmm…Does this mean they have approved the One Church model?  Is there a consensus?

Apparently the work is not done.  They are back in executive session tomorrow morning to finish the work.  Bishop Ough thinks this will be a short session, because they will follow that with more plenary meetings.  So at least MOST of the work appears to be done.  But every Bishop with whom I have spoken has been mum on what the product might be.

Final thoughts on the Plenary session:  It is every church meeting you have ever been to, ever.  Plus cupcakes.

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