First Day on the Ground

The meetings have adjourned for the evening.  No decisions and it sounds like it may take until Friday for the Council of Bishops to vote on the Way Forward.  There seems to be more fatigue than confidence at this point.  Logistically, I’m told, it would be virtually impossible to convene the Bishops again before July.  So Friday is it.

 More Timeline info:

 May 22-25      Judicial Council meets to determine if other petitions could be considered at the February 2019 Special Session of the General Conference.  I am not familiar with the arguments each way, so as I find them I will try and report what each side thinks.

 July 8              Deadline for petitions to be submitted for the February 2019 Special Session.  There is really no wiggle room in terms of the Bishops making a decision this week.

 Realistically, I think this is how legislation is made at every level.  It takes until the last minute to force everyone to the table and decide.  We see it in local, state, and federal government.  Right or wrong, the pressure cooker is usually required.

 Interesting, there are two groups actively lobbying against the one church model: one group from the left and one from the right.  I have scheduled time tomorrow to sit down and try and better understand each argument better before I write about them.

3 responses to “First Day on the Ground

  1. Thanks Mark for postin this. I look forward to your interpretations.
    ( I am also in Chicago now and hope the light is shining it’s warmth and love inside to all of you as it is for us outside.)

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