Council of Bishops

I am headed out on Tuesday May 1 to my first  Council of Bishops (COB) meeting in Chicago, Il.  Interestingly, most of the sessions are closed to the public as they are discussing The Way Forward proposal.  These are tense and anxious times in the United Methodist Church.  I am interested to see how the environment feels on site.

A brief timeline, if you are joining the conversation late (or if you are exhausted by the conversation and cannot remember what is happening!)

May 2016  General Conference voted (barely) to ask the Council of Bishops to come up with a plan for the church to move forward around the polarizing issues of human sexuality.  (Many agree that human sexuality is the face of many issues, but not the whole body of issues.)  The COB agreed to take up the task.

October 2016  The COB released the names of the 32 member Commission on a Way Forward.

January 2017 The Commission holds its first meeting.

January 2017 through March 2018 the Commission meets multiple times and issues periodic updates on their progress.

April/May 2018 The Commission is presenting their report to the COB and the bishops are voting on it.  You can read all the detail you would like through the links above.

I want to thank the Great Plains delegation for sponsoring my trip to the COB.  I promised a daily blog of the proceedings to try and give an on the ground feel and to provide as many helpful links and connections as possible.

If you have any comments, questions or issues you would like me to try and discover, please post them here on the blog or email me directly at